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Russian Ballet Classes For The Training Of Professional DanceRs In Ireland

Alexander Pushkin once described ballet as “a dance executed by the human soul,” a quote which reflects both the beauty and hard work involved in delivering a great performance. 


Here at our academy in Dublin, Ireland, our ballet classes are designed to nurture the dancers of the future. One of Ireland’s premier ballet schools, we’re looking for students keen to dedicate themselves to the art of ballet.


Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy offers your child the chance to train with instructors who have graduated from leading Russian academies.


Many of our teachers have won awards and danced at many well-known venues in Russia. We offer the option of private lessons which is ideal for those seeking more intensive training.


Offering exceptional training to professional standards, we also provide career guidance and management. Our ballet academy also provides exceptional physical support, with a private physiotherapist and nutritionist available.


We focus on the Russian Vaganova training method which was devised by the Russian dancer and teacher Agrippina Vaganova, who lived between 1879–1951. Her method was further based upon the teachings of the Premier Maitre de Ballet Marius Petipa, who worked throughout the late 19th century.


With bi-annual trips to St Petersburg, we keep students connected to what’s often known as the capital of ballet.


If you’re looking for Russian ballet classes in Ireland, discover more about Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy or don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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