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A Leading Ballet Dance Academy In Ireland

Do you think you might have the next Anna Pavlona on your hands?


Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy is committed to training the professional ballet dancers of the future. We train both boys and girls at our dance academy in Ireland. Many of our pupils go on to appear in theatres in Russia, widely considered the home of ballet, and appear in many exciting productions.


Ballet is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful styles of dance.


Although ballet is believed to have originated in Italy, it has become strongly associated with Russia, thanks to the country’s love of the dance and the number of famous dancers from this country.


A great ballet dancer should be both a master of technique and full of passion for the art. This is both an elegant and highly strenuous style of dance, involving a great deal of commitment. 


Our dance academy offers full time courses and private classes. Currently enrolling children aged 7 and over, we can train your child to international standards. You can find out more about our classes and timetable on our website.


All teachers at our ballet school are highly qualified and look to nurture young dancers. We look to make classes both instructive and fun.


If you’re looking for a ballet dance academy, discover more about Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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