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Private Lessons

Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy are offering exclusive private classes with Miss Monica Loughman herself, Ireland’s premier ballerina.

“The benefits of these classes are immense. Says Miss Monica. It is like having a weeks worth of lessons in one hour”.

You can expect your child to have an intense 1 on 1 lesson where they will be corrected and encouraged, and the growth and benefits will be visible immediately.

This is a new offering from the school. Which has a limited number of places available.
Please contact us today for all enquiries and to book your slot.

Miss Monica recommends at least one private lesson a month as it is important and invaluable to every child to have their own time and attention to detail.

All children must attend a class with Miss Monica to be assessed prior to receiving private lessons.

Please note that lessons are booked up in advance and on average there is a 6 month waiting period to be booked in.

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