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Sports Therapist

Anne McIntyre

My name is Anne and I am a qualified fitness professional and sports and holistic therapist.
As some of you may be aware, I have been working closely with Miss Monica over the past few weeks to provide a very much needed service for her students Our aim is to provide a rounded and top-classeducation, firstly in dance and secondly in how to take care of your body, keeping it supple, strong and promoting injury prevention as well as support and rehabilitation for those who are or were previously suffering from an injury.
Sports therapy is a massage technique using posture analysis, testing and muscle balance to assess the strength and weaknesses throughout the body.  Through this process, a plan of therapy can be decided upon.  This entails various massage and exercise techniques to release and relax tight muscles and to stimulate and strengthen weaker muscles.  I cannot emphasis enough the benefits of this therapy! It not only allows the body to work at a much higher level of performance but it keeps the body healthy, cleansed from the inside, supple and strong.  When we experience tightness in our muscles, this causes an imbalance, the body needs to work much harder than it should and you start to move incorrectly to compensate for this, leading to an even bigger problem down the road.
To be ballet specific, think hips, knees, ankles and feet, all are put through a rigorous and demanding workout, from the feet up there is a tremendous strain put on the muscles and joints to lift the body weight, to turn, hips are stretched beyond the average range of motion, this spreads into the lower back and then of course there are the shoulders!! Need I say more.  Without the correct attention muscles can tighten causing injuries in any of these major joints and that is what we want to prevent.

Keep safe and well

Anne Mc Intyre
The Healing Space

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