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A Leading Choice For Expert Ballet Training In Ireland

Does your child dream of performing on stage and television?


Perfect for aspiring professional ballerinas, Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy is one of the top training schools in Dublin, Ireland.


During our professional classes, we teach boys and girls the techniques needed to thrive as a working ballet dancer. Many dancers now working in theatres in Russia benefited from our expert training.


Originally developed during the Italian renaissance in the fifteenth century, ballet then developed into concert dance in France and Russia. It was the arrival in Europe of the Ballets Russes on the eve of the First World War which revived interest in the ballet and marked the beginning of the modern era.


During the 20th century, ballet had a massive impact on other forms of dance. Many famous dancers made their name during this century, including Anna Pavlova, Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn.


Maintaining strong ties with Russia and other European companies, our ballet training prepares the dancers of the future.


Monica Loughman Elite Ballet Academy has one of the best training classes in the country. With a range of courses to choose from including full time courses. We’re looking for candidates who will be focused and disciplined which are important qualities for a ballet dancer.


Now enrolling for children aged 5 and upwards, we’re available for year-round training.


Find out more about our ballet training in Dublin or simply contact our team today.

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